AJ Raval's video of her cleaning the room received over a million views and a lot of attention from the netizens.

The Cleaning My Room vlog by AJ Raval drew a lot of attention.

In real life, AJ Raval, a 26-year-old also known as Elizabeth Buensuceso, is the daughter of action star Jeric Raval from the '90s.

Today, AJ is the town's newest fantasy.

This is due to her own natural beauty and attractive body shape.

Her face was also humble, as if she were an angel sent from heaven, as most people described her.

When she first entered the entertainment industry, AJ's chosen forte was being sexy in front of the camera.

AJ's father, Jeric, admitted that he did not agree with the image that his daughter preferred.

But he just went along with it since he knew it would make his daughter happy.Then he simply guided his lovely daughter.

AJ is now well-known, with a large number of admirers and followers.

Her most recent vlog received nearly four million views.

AJ's vlog demonstrated how she cleaned her room in their house in Pampanga.

In fact, all AJ did was simply clean, but many people still watch it.

It really brings out AJ's sexiness while cleaning her room.

She was just covered in a thin shirt and short shorts that revealed her body's curves.

It was also revealed in her video that she was not wearing underwear, which appears to be the center of the viewers' attention.

It drew a lot of attention from social media users
right away.

Some viewers claimed that AJ's video inspired them to clean their rooms.

The young actress has already appeared in a number of films and television shows.

Her breathtaking beauty, curvy body type, warm and
 approachable demeanor wowed Filipino fans.

The female celebrity became controversial because of her daring role in the film "Death of a Girlfriend" together with the Pinoy actor Diego Loyzaga.
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