Mygz Molino and his family, have visited Mahal's grave.

Some photos of Mygz Molino and his family came out when they visited Mahal's grave - The photos show that they are still saddened by the sudden disappearance of Mahal who also lived with them for a long time 

This is the first time that Mygz and his family went to Mahal because they could not attend his funeral This is because they are not allowed to go out due to the law enforced for people who have met the person affected by COVID.

Mygz Molino and his family have already visited Mahal's grave. The Actor offered candles, flowers and balloons. Mygz chose to stabilize his feelings of pain that he didn't even go to Mahal's hill and that he couldn't even peek until he reached the final destination of the famous comedian .. The reason is that his whole family is in quarantine. He has not been with Mahal for more than 2 weeks since he passed away on August 31, 2021.

It will be remembered that many worried for Mygz because of the sudden loss of his katandem that he took care of wherever they went. In fact, many admired Mygz for how it carried Mahal when they went to Mura.

According to nitizens, Mygz really shed tears when he saw Mahal's grave. Mahal's brothers Jason Tesorero and Lanie are very grateful for their visit to Mahal's grave. They know that Mygz was hurt more by what happened to Mahal because they have been together for a long time while the nitizens were happy with Mygz's immediate visit to Mahal after his quarantine. Many were moved by the offerings of flowers and baloons and even their prayers right there at Mahal's heart. Mygz's heart is really very good when it comes to Mahal and everyone knows that, even Mahal's family.

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