Mygz Molino tearfully and passionately described Mahal's condition before she passed away.


As expected, Mahal's rumored boyfriend Mygz Molino spoke on his Youtube Channel. He passionately described Mahal's condition before he passed away. Mygz tearfully gave a message for Mahal. He said, “I know you are happy to be there with your Dad. I just want to thank you for the pleasure you have given me in the days and times with you. ”

For the first time, Mygz Molino shared details about Mahal's condition before she passed away.

It will be recalled that the comedian's father, Tatay Romeo, first passed away, on August 5, just a few weeks before mahal died. According to Mygz Molino, Mahal has changed a lot since his father passed away. From being satisfied, Mahal allegedly became sad.

It is said that there are times when he has no appetite and prefers to stay in her room. It is said that there are many changes in the bereaved comedian in the home of Mygz Molino where they also live with Mygz's family. They noticed that Mahal preferred to sleep on, rather than to work and get enjoy with them. SHe was very saddened by the loss of her father, especially since she hadn't seen him for the last time.

Unbeknownst to us, the month of August will see the re -implementation of enhanced community quarantine in the NCR and neighboring provinces. It has only been a few weeks since her father passed away that Mahal became ill. According to Mygz Molino it was on August 25, when Mahal had a fever and at that time he was taking care of Mahal and he was the only one who provided Mahal's needs, medicines, foods and he made sure that Mahal was taking care off.

It is said that after Mahal was given the medicine, his condition improved. Mygz Molino sadly shared the details of Mahal's condition before he passed away. Contrary to the first news, Mygz Molino admitted that he always updates Mahal's condition, saying that he always calls Mahal's stepmother to ask for consent for everything the comedian needs until the day comes when Mahal can no longer cope her illness.

We will notice throughout Mygz’s vlog about Mahal’s experience that it doesn’t stop being emotional. Mygz was clearly saddened by the sudden passing of Mahal and prayed that Mahal would be happy with his father. Because of Mygz Molino's statement, many nitizens were moved for him. His longing for Mahal is so strong that it is now just a memory.

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