THROWBACK: Jinkee Pacquiao competes in Miss Gensan, a beauty competition when she was younger (1996)


Jinkee Pacquiao is the wife of Filipino boxer and politician Sen. Manny Pacquiao. Jinkee and the boxing legend have five children – Emmanuel Jr. (Jimuel), Michael Stephen, Mary Divine Grace (Princess), Queen Elizabeth (Queenie), and Israel. 

They presently hold a large number of properties around the Philippines. 

Jinkee is also noted for her exquisite fashion sense.

Jinkee is a former politician from Mindanao who is now a television personality and occasional film producer. 

She's also noted for her exquisite fashion sense. 

She was recently featured on the cover of a high-end publication.

Many individuals have compared Jinkee Pacquaio to actress Kristine Hermosa. 

Cristy Fermin recently made a candid remark about her. 

Cristy Fermin, a seasoned celebrity reporter, reacted to comments on her radio talk program, saying that no matter what the socialite does, she would never look like the actress.

She spoke about Jinkee's natural beauty and her relationship with Dra. Vicki Belo.

“Siguro naman ay hindi ‘yon sinadya ni Aling Jinkee. Dahil kahit ano naman siguro ang gawin niya, isubsob pa niya sa ulo niya mukha niya, hindi niya makakahawig si Kristine Hermosa. Dahil si Kristine, tunay, organic, walang operasyon, ‘di ba?” she said.

Jinkee Pacquiao recently visited the area and reminisced about her life before marrying Manny Pacquiao. 

She shared a photo of herself competing in a beauty pageant on social media.

The photograph was taken in 1996 during her time as Miss General Santos. 

The socialite was photographed wearing a one-piece swimsuit and a traditional pageant sash alongside other contestants. 

For the camera, she was waving and smiling.

“Wow,” she said in the description of the photo. 

This is a relic from the past. 


That's how I looked 25 years ago. 

Miss Gensan


Her throwback photo was a hit with Ruffa Gutierrez and Francis LIbiran. 

The wife of boxing champion and Senator Manny Pacquiao has stated that she desires to be an empowered woman these days.

“I hope to be an empowered woman. 

Not on my own strength, but by God's grace.

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