Toni Fowler Prepared Firsthand for Rob Moya’s Surprise for His Girlfriend


As Toni and her crew were forming heart-shaped petals, she felt emotional for her ex-partner, Rob Moya, who is wooing a gal. The event was actually held in Toro family’s condo unit. Tyronia, Toni’s unica hija also helped in readying the surprise.

Jen, Rob’s suitor, assumed that the meeting was supposed to be a simple meet-up.

Meanwhile, Toni felt drained after being linked in Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez’s split-up. Despite that, she still supports Rob in his new love interest. 

In a viral video posted by Toni Fowler, she was thankful for Tito Vince for being on her side always although as friends. Vince clarified that he will never get tired of waiting for Toni to find her new love.

Rob Moya posted the event on his YouTube channel and captioned it with ‘SHE SAID “YES”’.

Netizens shared their opinions and sentiments regarding the video.

“I’m in tears seeing this. Imagine your ex had witnessed everything and prepared everything for you and trying to be strong. She can barely imagine your past relationship that somehow you and her had experienced like that before. I just admire Toni for being a strong woman.”

“Hi! Daddy rob. Congrats! Ang swerte mo po para kay jen,apaka simple mukang mabait d napaka supportive ni mami oni wala ako masabi grabe! Pag mahal ni mami oni sobra2 suporta nya,simula pa lng ng vlog mo nagulat ako si mami oni agad ang bungad.simula pa lng hbnga inaayos nla mami oni naiyak na sya dun pa lng naiyak nako hanggng matapos.lalo nakakaiyak yung nakaluhod k at humingi k ng tawad ke tyronia dun nakakabilib k daddy rob.apaka bait ni mami oni sobra..gudluck! Sa nyo ni jen at keef safe! Godbless! U both.”

Toni and Rob’s relationship is proof to answer the question, “Can ex-lovers be friends?” Definitely, it is possible.

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