A Shoppee delivery rider is about to stabbed by his costumer! Went Viral


Another video went viral after it was captured by a Shoppee delivery rider.

This couple had an order at the shoppee and it was indeed delivered by a shoppee rider.

When the rider handed over a parcel, and they exchanged payment .. They immediately opened the parcel right in front of the rider.

The couple found out that the content of this parcel were just a plastic and not the item they had ordered, in a word they were scammed.

‌Her husband was furious and told the rider to return the money or stab him with scissors. The rider explained this because he was just delivering and he was not the person and store where they ordered. This man still did not listen, when nitizens found out that he was a Principal in one of the schools in Davao.

‌Akin na ang pera, ibalik mo ang pera o sasaksakin kita? Said the costumer aloud.

When the rider felt like someone else was saying and it really came out of their gate, he handed the money  to him and the costumer was really close and wanted to stab him.

According to the driver, he would have explained how they could recover the stolen money but he wanted to stab him .. The said costumer wanted to kill the man for the amount of  not more than 500  pesos only!

Many netzines are bashing him, some are tagging and mentioning Raffy Tulfo in Action. 

This is the great proof that it is not based on that Profession or Whatever you have accomplished or reached in life to commit and transgress or trample on another person.

We salute that Driver, your patience is down to earth, especially since you are about to be stabbed.

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