Donnalyn Bartolome, detailed the hardships she suffered after food poisoning.


Just yesterday Donnalyn uploaded a method for everybodies awareness..

In her vlog, she shares her ordeal after being food poisoned. 

She also shared what she did to overcome it, she said it was her most painful feeling - SHe said, she wanted to share knowledge for netizens to prevent or let people know what to do in case they experience symptoms of food poisoning.

Just healed from food poisoning,and i'ts the worth i've ever felt, Like dying, cant talk, can't walk, and the worst part 48hours no food, because even water just rejected by my body but i have to keep drinking so I do'nt get dehydrated. I was gonna go to hospital but i know all will do is wait all the toxic intake to come out. From my experience here are some symptoms of food poisoning: weakness, abdominal cramps,vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, fever." Donnalyn stated this in her upload video on youtube..

SHe also recounted how she survived that tragic event. One of them is that she always drinks water, she's forcing herself to keep taking sips because this is the only way she knows she can recover. He forced himself to always go to the bathroom to release whats inside. The next day the interval of the pain attack again, so she made sure that she had plastic in her hands, if vomits trigger she is prepared. And she had also yogurt and drink yakult to taste her stomach. She stopped eating for a day and had crackers next day and night and she made sure that she drank gatorade to get her electrolytes back-up.

She also stated oh here on how to avoid it. 

According to Donnalyn, she wants to share knowledge for netizens to prevent or let people know what to do in case they experience symptoms of food poisoning. 

WATCH THIS VLOG FOR AWARENESS. SHARE TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO SAVE LIVES. Remember last week when I didn’t upload for 2 weeks? Last vlog was about hair at the time. I was only able to upload because I shot Flip Bottom vlog before the poisoning. The vlogger said.

She also shared on his vlog the one he took before he was recovering.

Here is the reaction of her followers:

The way she reminds us on how to care ouselves kasi naranasan nya yung hirap at sakit. Thank you ate Donna. Keepsafe always! 

Love how this girl takes care of our well-being as well! 

Thank you for sharing this kind of experience, kasi we care about you kahit dimo kami Kilala lahat..kaya ate Donna take care of yourself always pray kay God, Wala kang ibang malalapitan Lalo na sa situation na ganyan, bawal sa hospital , kaya pray for protection always..

According to a saying, when you are hit, you learn how to avoid it.

Especially if you yourself have experienced such a situation.

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