Breaking the Silence: Kate Jagdon Confirmed Her Rumored Breakup with Beatrice Luigi Gomez


For the past months, the netizens had been circling with the rumored breakup of Kate Jagdon and the recently crowned Miss Universe Beatrice Luigi Gomez.

Today, November 23, 2021, Kate Jagdon finally broke her silence and unclouded the netizens’ speculation.

On her IG stories today, she confirmed the entire issue.

“These past few weeks have been the most difficult time of my personal life. It was a conscious decision to keep quiet, after all this is a personal matter and I chose my privacy above everything else,” said Kate.

Kate Jagdon decided to deliver a brief and pithy statement regarding the matter at hand the situation gets out of control.

“Bea and I have parted ways. I am simply taking this step to move forward and go on with my life. Nothing more,” Jade added as she extended her gratitude to her fam and friends who were there in her dire straits. “I know you will continue to do so as I take the road to healing.”

“We all go forward with love and respect and I wish Bea the best of luck in her journey,” uttered Kate who pleads to have her privacy as she moves on.

Meanwhile, Beatrice Luigi Gomez will contend to the upcoming 70th Miss Universe in Israel. During Beatrice’s Miss Universe PH interviews, she proudly shared that she’s an active member of LGBTQ+ Community and she’s thankful for having Kate Jagdon as her girlfriend.

“I guess what makes me beautiful is my bravery and being true to myself. To tell you guys honestly, I have a girlfriend, I have tattoos, and I’m very proud of my imperfections. I guess that’s what makes me beautiful.” 

Their romance was supposed to reach its seventh year.

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