Ellen Adarna, gusto ng hiwalayan ang kanyang asawa na si Derek Ramsay dahil sa kanyang nadiskubre sa aktor!


Ellen Adarna jokingly demanded from Derek Ramsay that she wants their marriage to be annulled.

Earlier, Derek played a prank on Ellen while the actress was sound asleep.

In retaliation, Ellen also played a joke on Derek who was very surprised to see a camera close to his face when he woke up.

The couple is presently enjoying their honeymoon in Tagaytay, having tied the knot recently at the Rancho Bernardo in Bagac, Bataan.

The joke of Ellen apparently stemmed from finding out about the “hideous” pores of Derek.

Earlier, she took a close-up video of the actor while he’s sleeping.

Suddenly, Ellen lets out a loud voice of dismay, saying that Derek has hideous pores.

“My God your pores! Oh my God your pores, they're hideous! Oh my God! Eww! Eww!Eww! I'm so turned off! Eww! They're hideous! Oh my God I want an annulment right now!” Ellen jokingly said to the startled Derek.

The actor, who was probably still drowsy, agreed to what his wife asked about the annulment.

“Okay. I want a Happy ending!” Derek replied and tried to go back to sleep.

Ellen, however, was not finished with him yet as she continued to take his video.

“I'm not done with you yet,” the actress told her husband, to which Derek jokingly replied: “I hate you!”

“This is just the beginning. This is just an intro of what's going to come you d*mb sh*t!” Ellen said.

She then proceeded to take a close up video of Derek’s ears and once again, lets out a loud shout upon discovering the actor has ear locks.

“Oh my God you have ear locks, oh my goodness!” Ellen can be heard saying as the video ends.

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