Meet this heartthrob actor who makes Jelai Andress’s heart beat faster!


It looks like there is an emerging look today with Kapuso stars Jelai Andres and Paul Salas. Many netizens have noticed the alleged chemistry of Jelai and Paul. The two collaborated on a shoert film on YouTube.

This is for Jelai’s Halloween special vlog entitled ‘Sama Ka’.

The two showed off their acting skills in the said short film where they also co -starred with vlogger Mika Salamanca.

Many netizens were impressed and amazed by the beauty of the story and the way it was made. But more people noticed the chemistry of Jelai and Paul. Many shuddered and said that the two were really something.

Paul and Jelai are still single now, so netizens are urging that their compound be reel to real. Here are some of the comments by netizens.

 Ganda po nag movie nyo Po.. ate Jelai Andres..good job Po”

“Nakakabitin nmn miloves pero bagay kayo ni errol"

 Mellooooovess, nmn ganun?! ung ngiti ko dko alam san aabot sa kilig sa last part”

“May chemistry kayo miloves”

“Hala bagay kayo ni Paul miloves baka siya na ang makakpaagpasaya sa puso mo”

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