Cristy Fermin, nalungkot ng sobra ng mapaginipan si Kris Aquino na pumanaw!


The veteran columnist said that she dreamt that Kris has died, and that all her kasambahay could attest to her emotional state when she woke up.

In her dream, Kris went abroad, although it was not clear whether it was Singapore or the United States.

Cisty Fermin, in her Jan. 17 episode of "Cristy Ferminute," discussed the issue that is still hounding the breakup of Kris Aquino and Mel Sarmiento. 

As she was trying to give an explanation on why Mel has not responded after Kris' reveal on IG, she then remembered how she dreamt of Kris last Saturday, and that in her dream, Kris died.

"In fact, nung Sabado nung umaga, ang lungkot ko nung gumising ako. Alam ng mga kasambahay ko yan, lalo na si Gemma. Alam ni Japs, alam ni Tina," she started. "Paggising ko, shocked na shocked ako, napanaginip ko namatay si Kris Aquino. Idinala daw siya sa sa ibang bansa, hindi naman sinabi kung Singapore o Amerika," added Cristy.

"Nakadalawang-linggo daw siya sa ospital pero pumanaw rin," the columnist stated.

"Yun ang aking panaginip, lungkot na lungkot ako. Kasi bago ako natulog, binigyan ko siya ng mahabang panahon ng panalangin," Cristy added. 

"Para kung meron man milagrong darating, sana masambot niya ang isa. Para gumanda ang pakiramdam niya," Cristy said further.

She then wished that Krissy would have more years considering that usually, a dream always means the opposite.

Cristy Fermin, in her Pilipino Star Ngayon column expressed worry about the current health state of Kris Aquino. According to the veteran columnist, it is very apparent how Kris is having a hard time with her illness, as it could be seen on her body. Because of the deteriorating health of Kris, Nay Cristy said that there are persons who called her and suggested that Kris see an albularyo because many millionaires allegedly got better because of it. Nay Cristy firmly stated though that Kris is not yet open to the idea of seeing a quack doctor and she will seek treatment in foreign countries.

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