Andrew Schimmer Shares A Photo of Her Wife In The Hospital With Thier Children!


The actor’s wife has been hospitalized at St. Luke’s Medical Center for several months now.

Andrew Schimmer touched hearts on social media through his recent post on his Facebook account.

According to Andrew, the best part of his day is watching his children sleep with their mom beside them. 

Jho has been hospitalized at St. Luke’s Medical Center for several months now after she suffered a severe asthma attack that led to cardiac arrest and brain hypoxia.

He added that his one happiness in life is to love and be loved.

“The best part of my day... Watching them sleep"

“There is only one happiness in this life, and this is to love and be loved,” Andrew wrote.

In the comments section of Andrew’s post, netizens expressed their admiration for the actor for his unconditional love for his wife. They also expressed their hope that Jho will fully recover.

Here are some of the comments:

-God bless your family always and keep the faith! She will be healed by our Almighty

-I admire you sir,for your being best husband and a good praying for the totally healing of your wife..God continue bless you and your whole family

-We love you sir.. We love your family.. You are a humble reflection of a true LOVE..

PRAYING FOR YOUR WIFE.. May the good Lord bless healing to your wife, comfort to. You and children.. May the intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary and Blessed Saint Joseph be upon you.

-Wow! very inspiring family having a resilient selfless father of the home full of love and care to his kids and wife

Salute you sir for being "one in a million" hubby....God bless you

Praying for the speedy recovery of your better half

-I believe you are very very thoughtful husband and very kind loving and caring man good luck and god be with you always

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