Dating PBB Housemates, ginulat ang marami matapos ibunyag sa publiko na may anak na siya!


Rita Gaviola or 'Badjao Girl'  recently posted some photos with her newborn baby and her partner.

The Ex-PBB Housemates, revealed that she is now a mom.

She uploaded them on her Instagram account. She then captioned it with short but sweet message for her family. 

She Wrote on her post. "MAHAL KO KAYO"

As of this writing, Rita's post has already received over 9,915 likes. Many netizens have also reacted to it.

Most of the commenters have congratulated her for new blessing in her life. Here are some of their comments:

escaniel-Ohh ayan Na congrats ???? hehe tama nga ako charot and na noticed mo ako that time thank you and Congrats that is a blessings?????

from_a_distance_god_is_in_us-No chioce just she and God will do for next chapter of her journey of life

senorita_duslita-Congrats baby girl.

airah_dangilan-aww!? congrats both of youuu

itsjean04-It’s actually good to have babies while you are young. If you can afford why not? Go for it and congratulations!

martina_ysabel-Its a blessing my dear! Gumanda ka pa lalo… be a good Mom and wife. Ignore those people na walang ambag sa buhay mo Ineng! Saan ka masaya dun ka… GB you and your family??

Rita first made headlines when her photos during a festival in Lucban, Quezon were uploaded online. That was also the start of a better life for her. She got more popular when she joined Pinoy Big Brother 7. As of this writing, Rita has 195,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 1 million followers on TikTok.

Rita is dubbed as "The Badjao Girl of Lucena" because of her ethnic background. She is a Badjao native. She was photographed by a photographer during the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon which caught the attention of the public due to her unique indigenous features. Her photo went viral and she was given the moniker Badjao Girl by the people in social media. 

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